Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yellow & purple wedding colors?

I have decided on a very fun wedding color scheme: yellow %26amp; plum. Here is an idea of the colors:

"Royalty" is my underlying theme. (I thought purple and yellow reminded me of a royalty type thing). But my question is, what flowers do you suggest for my colors? Nothing pale yellow or light purple please. I really like bright colors. I haven't seen any flowers I really like yet, except for calla lillies.

Also, what is your opinion on this wedding dress? It has CZ's on it (kinda of keeps up with the royalty theme with the 'diamonds' right?). My mama thinks it is 'slutty looking' cause its form-fitting.

Opinions? Advice?

Yellow %26amp; purple wedding colors?
How about purple irises? You can get them with yellow too:

I agree with the ballgown-type dress, but it is your wedding, so choose whatever you feel like royalty in ;)
Reply:To feel more like royalty, you may want to consider more of a ballgown type wedding dress.
Reply:Try this website, there's a bouquet on the front page.

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