Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another question about wedding colors...?

Wedding colors seems to be the most popular question on here =)

Anyway, I was considering one of two color choices:

#1 or aqua dresses w/deep plum flowers


#2 (sage or moss) dresses w/bright blue %26amp; purple flowers.

While I Love the 1st choice because it is soo bright %26amp; eyecatching, I am afraid it may be tacky if done wrong.

My fiance prefers the 2nd choice.

When I was @the shop I bought my weddng dress at, the woman helping me warned me that although green is a popular color right now, many people don't look good in it ~ it brings out a lot of yellow in their skin. She said dk. green looks Ok on most people, but not the lighter shades.

Has anyone experienced this? Or have you chosed green b/c you like the color then regretted it when seeing in on your maids?

Another question about wedding colors...?
I think either color scheme would be very pretty.

Every color has shades that are harder for some people to wear than others. It's true that forest green is more flattering to more skin tones than sage...but if your bridesmaids look good in sage, then have them wear sage. Try it on them and see if it works or not.

Also, wonders can be done with skillful makeup. It won't change skintones, but careful highlighting can sometimes make a color that's otherwise marginal on a woman look fantastic.

Oh, and I don't see anything the least bit tacky about light blue with plum. In fact, I think it's a lovely combination. But if you're on the fence between two color schemes, and he has a strong definite opinion...then why not let him have his choice? After all, it's his wedding, too.
Reply:i like both moss green and blue, those are my colors! u will look great, good luck and god bless!
Reply:I think the first one sounds good - go with a very light blue with the deep plum. The great thing about plum is that it compliments alot of different colors.
Reply:I think the green %26amp; blue is the better option but the shop official was right with her warning. I suggest trying a site where you re create you entire look with your skin tone to get a preview of what to expect. Also talk to your brides maid and get their opinion ( the final choice is yours) as it nevers hurts to involve the people you have to subject to actually wearing the colours you choose.
Reply:I wanted to go with the Aqua as well. But I ended up in a lighter blue color. I think you would like that one better, but you may want to add some soft pink to the flowers to help bring out the color of the other flowers and the dresses. Take a look on the knot and david's bridal. THey have thoses colors on there and it will help you choose what you want.
Reply:Go to the Home Depot and pull out paint chips in the colors you are thinking about. Add things you already know like a gray chip for his suit. Decide with your HTB which ones you like best after seeing them in person.

You should do this anyway because having a set of "wedding chips" really comes in handy because you can take them shopping with you or give to vendors any time you want to color match or see if something looks good with the colors you've chosen.

I think you should go with #2 since thats what HTB likes...its his wedding too :) You could always put the ladies in purple and have blue and green flowers (some green orchids and hydrangeas are stunnning and very unique)
Reply:My maids wore a light green and looked very beautiful. All of the women guests came up to me and said they were the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses they had ever seen. I would go with a dark rose or mauve over blue and purple. Pinks, peaches and lavenders are the best with sage.

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