Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hi everyone. I'm having a May wedding. My colors are going to be plum purple, sky blue, and silver. Thoughts?

My bridesmaids will wear plum dresses, my fiance will wear a black tux with a silver vest and euro tie. I have a beautiful sparkly white gown with a chapel train. I think I want the groomsmen to wear black tuxes with plum vest and euro tie. The flower girl I'm thinking will wear a sky blue dress. And I think I want my sons (ring-bearers) to wear a black tux with the sky blue vest and euro tie. My wedding originally started out to be just black and white. I think it needs a dash of color. My flowers that I will carry will be eggplant (deep purple) colored calla lilies. I am really wanting some input on my thoughts, I'm planning this whole thing by myself. Thank you.

Hi everyone. I'm having a May wedding. My colors are going to be plum purple, sky blue, and silver. Thoughts?
If your flowers match your dress, they will blend in too much. You need a little "pop". Check out the KNOT for ideas.
Reply:Ohhh that sounds so beautiful :)

I think it's an odd combination but I can imagine it looking really nice, I think it's much better than black and white, especially since it's a spring/summer wedding.

Congrats on your engagement x
Reply:Sounds beautiful. Congratulations on your engagement.
Reply:sounds very pretty!

make sure the flowers don't match the colours of the outfits too closely :)
Reply:Great planning!!
Reply:Sounds pretty cool to me. Good job.
Reply:hi, it's your day. feel free to do things NNOT SELFISH) to make you happy. pick the colours you love
Reply:Brave you! I think your colours sounf lovely just make sure you dont try put too many in because it mighyt look too busy. Best thing i can reconmend is make sure the ring brearers vests and flower girls dress match (colourwise) exactally otherwise it will look a mish mash ... the same for groomsmen and bridesmaids! to keep the colour theme flowing ... whatever your wedding favours are you could tie them with ribbons in plum, skyblue and silver. By the sounds of things plum is your main colour so use the others as accents. For your centre pieces you could get big church candels and sit them on a mirror and decorate them with your plum coloured flowers ... the plum will be gorgeous and rich looking... make it really elegant and classy! in your flowers you could get the wee diamante stones put in them to give that bling without being OTT or trashy. The key is cordination... with flowers you should have all the colour but then your bridal party could all have white roses to keep it clean looking. and obviously your cake could be the part to pull it all together. with a bit of each colour and sparkle!!! Oh and if you can or want try and coordinate the mother %26amp; Fathers of the B%26amp;G and maybe asking them to wear a differeing shade of purple or blue and getting the fathers silver vests so they cordinate!

Im getting carried away now!!! I hope this made some sense and that the pics help!!! Congratualtions and enjoy your day when it comes!! x

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