Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What kind of flowers do you....?

have planted in your yard? Besides the normal oak trees, I just have red roses a honeysuckle bush and a lonely looking plum tree.

What kind of flowers do you....?
one pathetic rose bush, with two small red roses on it.
Reply:Only yellowbells.:)
Reply:nothing except the norm
Reply:My landlady has all kinds of tropical flowers and palm trees all around the house. I dont' know most of them, but it's pretty.
Reply:Roses %26amp; Tulips
Reply:no yard, no flowers and trees.

Reply:I have a wildlife garden.
Reply:Dark purple orchids, White lilys, and Iris...
Reply:chanythesums i dont know how to spell it.
Reply:None, i live in apartments : (
Reply:Calla lillies and irises
Reply:i grow mostly vegetables tomatoes peppers aubergines zuccini,s pumpkins, water melons all which are quite attractive as well as you being able to eat them but i also have roses sun flowers and gladioli
Reply:Maple trees here along with some climbing roses and Kalanchoe
Reply:Cosmos,coreopsis, oxalis, marigolds, impatiens, zinnias, sweet william, sweet peas, pansies, 4 O'clocks, rose of sharon, and that's about it.
Reply:Almond tree.
Reply:there are no yards here, but palm trees are between roads

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