Saturday, November 14, 2009

Choices for trees to plant in bed directly in front of house?

Please look over this list and tell me if their are any trees (for a temperate climate) that i left out for choices for planting in a bed directly in front of a house. anything you can add to it?? Thanks!

1. Japanese Snowbell

2. Japanese Lilac

3. Flowering Dogwood

4. Kousa Dogwood

5. Amur Maple

6. Paperbark Maple

7. Purple Leaf Plum

8. Jap. Stewartia

9. Whitespire Birch

10. River Birch

11. Whitespire Birch

12. Saucer Magnolia

13. Star Magnolia

14. Little Gem Magnolia

15. Sweet Bay Magolia

16. Nellie R Steven Holly

17. Fosters Holly

18. Eastern Red Cedar

19. Emerald Green Arborvitae

20. Green Giant Arborvitate

21. Leyland Cypress

22. Washington Hawthorne

23. Crepe Mrytle

24. Weeping Cherry

25. Okame Cherry

26. Yoshino Cherry

27. Kwanzan Cherry

28. Japanese Maple

29. Sourwood (Sorrel Tree)

Choices for trees to plant in bed directly in front of house?
You should really look into crabapple trees...
Reply:Silver birches are boring, in fact i´m sick of the sight of them. They tend to get blown down easily too.
Reply:My choice would be the Kilmarock Willow. Grows no higher than 4 to 5 feet max.
Reply:I don't know all of the trees, what you must find out are the extent of their roots. They can destroy the foundations of your house if they are planted too near the property.
Reply:I would go for an evergreen tree that doesn't have a lot of leaf/flower litter. You dont want anything too big, so the size of your choices are just right. There are some quick growing shrubs that grow as tall as a tree and are evergreen. Viburnum comes to mind. I have them as a screening next to a side wall and they are perfect. Silver Birches are lovely trees that look good even in winter, when they have lost their leaves.
Reply:Tulip tree's get very large and provide wonderful shade in a few short years. It depends on how large of a tree you would like. They are beautiful.
Reply:The jacharanda tree has beautiful purple flowers! I'm not sure the spelling is correct though

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