Saturday, November 14, 2009

Plum Smokey eye??

I'm not sure if I should do a plum smokey eye. It's for homecoming. I have fair skin, gray-blue eyes, and a little lighter than honey blonde hair. My dress is from H%26amp;M. It's dark gray, a fitted bodice and a full skirt. It's scrunched (sort of) sleeves, about 2 in wide. It also has a black velvet flower pattern, increasingly towards the bottom, but also present on top. I'm wearing a black rose plastic ring and painting fingers (should i) raisin colored. SHOULD I DO A PLUM SMOKEY EYE OR A BROWN SMOKEY EYE?

Plum Smokey eye??
I think a plum smoky eye would look great with your coloring and outfit. The plum would play off the gray which the brown would not. Go with a soft raisin stain on your lips and you'll look fabulous. Have a great time!
Reply:A plum smoky eye is a perfect idea! There is a color by MAC called Trax that would be a great color to use. Best part is you can go to their counter and have them apply it for you, to see if you like it before you buy it. It's a smoky purple with a very subtle, almost gold tint to it. Beautiful color!
Reply:Do a plum smoky eye but make sure the purple isn't overwhelming and use a black eye shadow at the corners so you don't look like your just wearing purple eyeshadow.

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