Saturday, November 14, 2009

Looking for suggestions for a garden themed wedding...?

My fiance and I are going to get married in my grandfathers backyard, but I do not want a typical outdoor, barbecue type wedding. We are going to have a caterer, bartender, etc. I would like to got with a "Garden of Eden" theme and use dark red flowers, apples, plums, and other greens to create a sensual atmosphere. What else should I think about doing in order to keep a good mood? We plan on putting up lanterns, lots of candles, and fresh flowers. Any suggestions would help!

Looking for suggestions for a garden themed wedding...?
sounds like you have a lot of good ideas already! I'm also planning a garden reception, so I will be watching the answers you get :+)

good luck- it sounds beautiful
Reply:Lots of cool snakes. Can't wait to have you post pics of you and your groom in fig leaves! Just joshin'!!!

It would be nice to have a gazebo or arbour of some sort - maybe that can be rented. Otherwise, an archway or trellis with vines and flowers would really add to the atmosphere. Sounds like a lovely idea! Good luck.
Reply:One neat idea I've seen done uses apples to hold the table numbers. Print out cards with the numbers and adhere to a stick to place in the apple. It's a cute idea that certainly ties into your theme.
Reply:Garden of eden sounds great! You can go to your local home %26amp; garden store %26amp; pick up some topiaries, add some clear lights, that always looks elegant. If you'll be renting a tent, decorate the inside with chiffon %26amp; lights. Just be sure to keep the candles away from any falling leaves that may catch on fire. Lanterns can be used to light a walkway/pathway to the reception area. Tea lights are great. Look for long burning tea lights or votives. You can rent pillars %26amp; decorate with chiffon %26amp; lights, add a nice ivy %26amp; twig arrangement, it will give it a great garden feeling. Hope you get your garden of eden for your big day! :)

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