Saturday, November 14, 2009

Which would you rather?

your lungs are full your fingers are limbered up, which would you rather play on your clarinet, Chassidic, Israeli Hora. Staccato, Waltz of The Flowers or perhaps the Sugar Plum Fairy?

Which would you rather?
Sorry, I'd pull out my old dogeared copy of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto instead. :-)

Musician, composer, teacher.
Reply:I vote for Waltz of the Flowers.
Reply:Why not all of them? Go ahead and start practicing now! Oh alright if you're so picky....

First choice:

Sugar Plum Fairy definitely. Why hesitate to learn to play such a widely recognized piece.

Then Waltz of the Flowers

And for the expert player: Flight of the Bumblebee!
Reply:Klezmer! Mozart will love it!
Reply:Sugar Plum Fairy

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