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My question is in regards to trees growing thru power lines-?

We planted a tree several yrs ago a little off set under our power lines in our back yard. It was supposed to be a semi dwarf flowering plum. However, it is getting larger than it said originally. It is now just almost touching some of the lines- Is there any danger to touch a branch that is touching a power line way above? Theres no way anyone could ever climb up high enough to actually touch a powerline, as those are way up there- I am a little concerned since we have 2 small children. Thanks

My question is in regards to trees growing thru power lines-?
Several trained arborists (and probably more than a few homeowners) die each year because of this. NEVER touch a tree that is touching an energized line. Although the chances are small it is possible for the tree to conduct electricity, and it could certainly be enough to cause harm. As others have said contact your power company, they'll come out and do the necessary pruning. They may reserve the right to remove the tree however.

The one reason I'll never work as a commercial arborist is because most of the work (and most of the money) is in line clearance. I do my best to stay FAR away from powerlines when I'm doing tree work.
Reply:Up here in Alaska our power company will come and trim dangerious trees for free. There is a huge danger of letting those branches touch the wires. Escpecially if there were heavy winds or an ice storm that caused the branches to fall onto the wires. have a proffesional come out and asess the situation, by no means should you attempt to do this yourself.
Reply:There is no danger to you if the tree touches the power line, the tree may get a bit singed but it won't conduct enough electricty to be dangerous. pruning a tree in and around power lines is a job for a professional, don't try to do it yourself. Your power company will probably do the pruning for you if is actually growing into the power lines.
Reply:Don't take chances %26amp; try to prune it yourself... if it is that close to the power lines. The power Company that owns the lines will cut them for you. In our area they do it free of charge. Why not give them a call?
Reply:In most areas the power company will come out and prune it for you if you call. (mostly to protect their investment). I would probably give them a call. In the meantime, you will be fine to touch the tree. The tree will ground any electrical currents, so you shouldn't worry about touching it. However with small kids (who like to climb trees) you might want to put a fence around it to keep them out.
Reply:Pruning the tree should be done by professionals if it is touching the power line, or could touch the power line. Eventually heavy pruning will kill the tree.

Trees should not be planted under power lines but I think you have figured that out.
Reply:usually here in houston the light company will prune any trees touching their lines and they come out on yearly basis. dont try prunning it yourself leave it to the proffesionals, they will come by and prune trees when they think it is time to prune in an area also they have people that drive areas to report when trees need to be prunned, dont chance it youself, you could get hurt and killed if your tool touches a powerline, let them do it and they will do it when they feel it is nessary

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