Saturday, November 14, 2009

What to put with dress?

Ok, so I have a gorgeous dress for my summer ball - empire line, paisley, plum with gold threads running through it. It's quite hippyish. I can't decide what shoes or hair to go with it. I'm thinking hair: go with the hippy theme - flowers and plaits, but shoes? Can't really wear flats, but don't want to wear anything to high either. Any ideas, anybody?

What to put with dress?
Wedges! There are some rally cool beaded ones and today's styles don't look clumpy at all... I don't know if your hair is long or short, but if it is shoulder length or longer I would go for nice soft waves.. maybe put a flower in the side or a nice sparkly clip that matches the colours in your outfit. But don't overdo it with plaits and flowers and all kinds, it'll be too much, your dress sounds quite extravagant so I'd just keep it simple.
Reply:Whatever brings out the definition in your legs.
Reply:wear hair long and loose and no shoes or maybe some wedged espedrills then they dont have to be too high but arnt flat
Reply:Wear your hair long this is the hippy style and it will look really nice....Your shoes thats alittle harder....Did you think about going to a shoe store and asking their opinion,their suppose to know there stuff....It couldn't hurt....

Reply:Why don't you try a wedge shoe.. something strappy perhaps. The beauty is that you can get wedges at any height and it goes w/ the hippy thing.
Reply:Flip Flops
Reply:A shoe that is quite cute and might go with the style is something along the lines of a ballet slipper. I think it would loook cute with your dress, you can find them in so many colors andstyles. You can find ones that lace up your leg, kinda sexy, you can find ones with flowers and other decorations, or you can even spice up some plain ones with decorations that match your dress. It's not EXACTLY the hippy style, but I think it would go together. You can tie in the whole outfit by doing your hair along the same theme as your shoes. I'm not sure where you live, but check on the internet where you can buy these shoes. They're pretty popular in Europe right now and iI haven't been to North America in a while, so not sure if you can find them there, though I would imagine that you can.

If you don't like this idea, or can't find them, just try finding a shoe that you like and spice it up yourself. Then you'll be sure that no one else has the same shoe and you can be proud to know that you did it! And it will look great with your hair, dress, everything. Most of all, have a great time!!!*

Good Luck!

hippie theme - probably ballet slippers, though there are shoes with a small heel (called a kitten heel) if you want a little bit of height.
Reply:platforms and a g string to under the dress for comfort and your hair get hair extensions
Reply:If you're short, platforms will be a good choice. It'll add height to your frame and matches the hippy theme.

If you're tall, you may want to go for wedges or 2 other options: something with plum or gold crochet on it or something really strappy.
Reply:A cute pair of plain flip-flops should be fine or you can go all out hippie: bare feet!!!
Reply:I would suggest wedges with the laces that tie around the legs and ankles
Reply:flip flop
Reply:I think dress is too heavy to wear on this hot summer. U r asking about other items.

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