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What types and colour flowers would go with burgundy bridesmaid dresses?

I'm wearing an ivory wedding dress and having burgundy bridesmaid dresses. Initially I planned to have a dark plum colour for the bridesmaids as my favourite colour is purple but the dresses which suited my bridesmaids best came in burgundy (the closest colour they had).

I was going to have cream roses with purple freesias and purple sweet peas. Do freesias and sweet peas come in burgundy? (I can't find any pictures) and would some purple flowers go with burgundy, which is a bit more red?

What types and colour flowers would go with burgundy bridesmaid dresses?
hi bina, there's a burgundy rose with cream flecks through it ,the cream almost looks like paint splash's.. it's called abrakadabra.. it would be perfect for you ,mixed with a cream sweet pea or cream freesia.. for the brides maids a cream rose called vendella would be great.. if you go for cream for yourself it'll just blend in with the dress. where as if you go for the burgundy and leave the brides maids with the cream it'll compliment everything..if you want to put some colour in the bridesmaids dresses ,there's a lovely little flower called allium bullit.. it starts off really deep burgundy on the bottom and goes up to a purple at the top..another lovely burgundy one is zantadescia schwalder..also known as the calla lilly.. hope this helps.. good luck with the big day.. oh and yes i'm a florist..!!
Reply:cream or yellow so that it will contrast w/ the burgundy....avoid red, pink, or burgundy flowers....
Reply:I would say plain cream roses, wrapped with a burgundy ribbon, and little gems / diamonds protruding from the tops on sliver sticks that can't be seen!

Plain, Simple but so stylish and gorgeous looking!
Reply:try tiger lilies...some come white with a deep red center that would go well with the colors of your wedding or you could talk to a florist about what you are looking for
Reply:the cream and purple sound lovely, most florists will dye flowers to suit the colour you want if they don't match the colour you want.
Reply:I would stick with the cream roses which would be a contrast.
Reply:why do nt you have fr ur bridesmaids red roses with cream roses with a touch of all the other flower s ur having it would look lovely and in keeping with ur s

good luck its my turn in aug to get married
Reply:Yes sweet peas do come in burgundy. The cream roses sound lovely.
Reply:talk to the florist they may be able to spray them for you!!
Reply:Go for deep red and cream roses. They look lovely.
Reply:cream flowers, yellow and possibly burgundy roses. You can have them spayed to your desired colour.
Reply:You sound exactly like me I'm having cream roses with like that fancy Burgundy beading over the top.
Reply:I think a small round bouquet of white carnations and small pink roses would be very pretty and fresh in contrast to the burgundy. happy nuptuals
Reply:deep red and cream
Reply:you have the opposite to what i had, mine was burgundy, bridesmaid ivory, i chose dark red roses, cream lillies, looked lovely, a mixture in both, with the contrast colour more than the other

lol i'm having red bridesmaid dressing first i wanted purple myself. but anywas so i decide to use both those colors.

so red dresses and purple flowers...tahts what i'm doing. and then have the groom wear a purple tie and the groomsmen a red tie...thats what i'm doing!
Reply:Hi what I would do is have them have ivory roses to match your dress and you have burgundy flowers to match the bridesmaids. Im sure they come in burgundy i know freesias come in purple but I dont know about sweet peas. If you let the flourist know what you want then they should be able to do it for you.

Why not just all off you have purple flowers, in the colour purple you wanted. It will still look good and make your dress and the bridemaids dresses stand out.

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