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I am having a wedding with only white and deep purple any one know what flowers are best?

my wedding is a deep plum purple, i do not like lavender or fuscia colors so i am stumped as what to use. i look through web sites but always see the same old thing. i have not decided on real or fake i am open for anything as long as it looks good. the wedding is very elegant, and i want it to be reflected in the flowers also.

I am having a wedding with only white and deep purple any one know what flowers are best?
Cala Lillies



Stephanotis (white only, smells heavenly)






Hydrangeas (for table decor only, they will wilt in bouquets as they need constant water)


Reply:this may sound crazy but check it out....i plant monochromatic bulbs in my garden every year and this year i did purple and white. Think about tulips....I grew these tulips that were so dark purple they were almos midnight....and next to the creamy white of the other tulips they looked even more brilliant. If you choose tulips, (make sure you check all the different types...there are some that have flame shaped leaves, and some that look like roses) tell your florist to 'wrap them high'....they will open really fast and the florist tape will help keep the blooms high. Then, with the really dark purple and white, you could add some lavender without it being overpowering.....good luck and have a GREAT wedding....
Reply:Dark purple flowers eh? In a lot of species they call the very dark purple ones 'black'. Knowing that might help you looking for your colour...?

Helpfully for you, many flowers that have 'black' varieties also have white ones.

These are some that you should be able to order from a florist. Most of them come in all sorts of colours, so you'd have to be specific when you arrange your order;

Calla Lily; very dark purple, also come in white

Gladioli; very dark purple, also white

Daylily; dark purple

Iris; very dark purple, also white

Lisianthus; dark purple, also white

Delphiniums; white (through blue to darker blue- think possibly even dark purple)

Anemone; beautiful. if a little small. Also come in white

Sweet William: small, scented, dark colours and white.

Statice ( I personally think this stuff is horrid dry looking and scratchy... but each to their own)

Aster; kind of daisy, also white

and a few that might be trickier to source;

Buddleia; which might be tricky to get unless you have it growing in your garden or near to you. Smells divine and is a nice spire shape. Also come in white

Lilac; ditto tricky, but definitely has dark purple varieties and once again smells divine.Also come in white

Sweet pea; dark and beautifully scented

Hollyhock; dark purple

Petunia; come in very dark purple but isn't any good cut... maybe good as part of a table or other decoration in its pot?

if i were you I'd put any of those flower names into the search field on

with a colour description like 'black' or 'purple' and see what you like the look of.

best of luck :)
Reply:If you are looking for elegance in your wedding flowers then Calla Lilies are a good choice - their shape is perfect for elegant bouquet styles - try Calla Lily's Picasso or Purple Haze.

Roses are also a good choice for a classic elegant style bouquet - Blue Curiosa or Cool Water roses have a blue tone (try putting these names into google for these images then you can get an idea of what they look like)

Alternatively the modern style of the Calla lily combines perfectly with the traditional rose to create a contemporary classic - or for a more contemporary look perhaps you might like Vanda Orchids which are beautiful.

To add your unique style consider adding gorgeous ribbon or diamante to your wedding bouquet for extra wow factor.

Your florist should also be able to give you lots of ideas - make sure you let them know exactly what style you are looking for and take along pictures of what you like.
Reply:there are bright purple flowers that look like daisy's tha are nice and would look nice for yor wedding and also there are white rosees you can use or get the special painted with an aersol some places can do that. just choose the flower you want and they can aersol them on the ends and it will look awsome but it depends where you live there is also orchids in a colr purple those are really nice
Reply:Petunias come in purple and white and they smell great too!!!
Reply:I love Carnations. They aren't very expensive (always an issue) and they are hearty and sturdy for bouquets. They also have a very pleasing scent. To this day I still think of my cousin's wedding when I smell one. I was the flower girl some 30 years ago. Her colors were maroon and pink. Her wedding was very elegant, even in retrospect. You can get carnations in almost any color, and they look beautiful with roses, should you want to infuse a few into your bride bouquet with some baby's breath.

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