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In Chinese cuisine: Would someone please tell me when you use Lychee Tea?

I love it either warm or iced, but how do Chinese people use it?

Other questions, please:

When do you drink plum wine? What do you serve with it?

When do you use kumquat ... candied or fresh??

Do you ever serve jam for toast the way we do here in the West?

What kind of fruit is it made of?

Do Chinese people have herb tea? (not ginsing....) but flower tea?

Thank you in advance

Peace %26amp; Love

In Chinese cuisine: Would someone please tell me when you use Lychee Tea?
I have never tasted Chinese Lychee Tea, but floral %26amp; fruit flavored tea are usually drank in summer. Lychee is believe to help those who has trouble relaxing or sleeping at night. Most floral tea are prepared in 70-80 degree water to preserve the scent. Rock candy (sugar crystals) is used instead of sugar.

Plum wine is Japanese or Korean. I remember a Korean brand that markets to women. They claim that the wine helps women reduce stress hormone. Some people like to drink a glass after bathing at night for relaxation.

Kumquat is a orange-like citric fruit. I know some people who pickle it with salt until it's brown. The juice is a remedy for sore throat. (doesn't work for me and taste terrible)

Not much jam until the west introduce to us. I think that's because we didn't have the need to preserve easily spoiled berries.

Chinese have all kinds of herb tea. Jasmine and Chrysanthemum tea are the most popular ones. Some use honey to sweeten it. Cold sweetened Chrysanthemum tea are sold in juicebox form.

Foral %26amp; fruit tea are often served in clear glass to display its beautiful colour. Also because it's not as hot. Other Chinese tea are almost never drank sweet.
Reply:Lychee is a fruit... Maybe is tea with lychee flavor

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