Saturday, November 14, 2009

What am I doing wrong?

I bought a miniture plum tree in the spring, it's in a large pot on the patio. It flowered profusely and its produced 10 fruit, they are golf ball size and very hard, trouble is, they have started to drop off. I've been giving it a general feed and watering it regularly. Will the fruit ever be edible?

What am I doing wrong?
First of all, its too early in the year for ripe fruit, probably September or October will be right.

I don't know where you are but, hight above sea level and northern areas that have colder summers both effect ripening times.
Reply:Get some Miracle Grow Feed in the soil maybe 2-3 times per week...(check the directions on the back of the bottle)...Miracle Grow is miraculous.

I'd say within 2 weeks of using it, the fruit will be ready.

It sounds to me like the soil is just not producing enough vitamins and minerals for the fruit to go any further than what you say they are. I think the miracle grow with not only strengthen the limbs/branches/leaves and such, but it'll also strengthen the fruit itself so it can continue to grow instead of just fall off unripened.
Reply:yeah. the tree has to get bigger and stronger. I think you should feed it and water it just a little more. that might help. becouse the tree eats the water and just gives a little to the fruit i think...
Reply:Biggest potted tree problems (other than feed/water) is room. Make sure it has LOTS of room for the roots. Have sturdy 'flatbed' with sides built on strong wheels. Have the largest pot this tree will ever need on it with your tree in it.

Root room %26amp; time.

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