Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do you think what I eat is weird?

what are your thoughts on this list of foods I eat? be honest!

--i eat this on regular bases--



fresh ginger

Garden tea (I pick my own herbs)

Some rotton eggs my mom is about to use (I love rotton egg!)

Chicken Dumplings with Pig "Parts"

Sashimi (*raw fish)

Raw Eel Salad

Raw squid


sticky rice with mango

some vietnamese eggs my friends gave me

Cali Drink

Pickled Plums

Rice Balls %26amp; Pickles

Cucumber, avacado, melon milkshake

Egg rolls (filled with bean sprouts, squid, shrimp, and leftover kimchee)

Kimchee from my Mama Moi

Korean BBQ tofu

Dried-fried Wantan noodles

Rice Noodles

Rice flower candy

Botan Rice Candy

Spoiled milk for our upcoming dishes and a special milkshake


Green Tea

House Tea (made with bamboo, ginger, wasabi, and secret ingrediant)

Instant Bake fried rice cake (Like a fried rice loaf)

Ginger Infused Bread

Secret Sauces

Yarale Tokyo Mix Rice Crackers


Bean sprout soup

Dragon Tea

Ginger Roots (a special side dish of my family’s)

Teriyaki Salmon

Salmon %26amp; Tuna rice balls

Shrimp Snacks (chips*)

Fish skin (my favorite is Salmon!)

Fish heads (including eyes)

Rice flower milk


Wined-down sausage (aka pig parts*)

Curry Noodles

--and a bunch of other asian dishes

I’m an Asian living around other types of Asians, so I get a mix of stuff... I am Japanese with some Hmong descendent. And just remember, if I respect America’s taste, please respect mine. But now is the time for you to tell ur honest opinion. Speak it out! Thanks for sharing your true thoughts~

Do you think what I eat is weird?
I really like these foods . I am Japanese and I eat with Chinese friends, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Cambodians and Koreans too. I make my own special kim chee. My neighbor is good for fish sauce. My Mom's specialty is rice dishes, shrimp, scallops, and sushi. My sister is great in Thai cooking and India dishes. I wish I could eat with you sometime! Tonight we are having some Green Tea Cookies and Red Bean Ice Cream. I wish you could have some too! Best of luck to you!!
Reply:To me it sounds very disgusting but if that is what you like then enjoy it I can't tell you what you like just like you can't tell me what I like I have Cambodian friends and they eat some weird things but I don't judge them on/for it. It is up to you what you eat not me.......
Reply:man you should try fear factor you will rock at eating stuff,man i dont think a pig wold eat rotten eggs,i understand stuad and raw fish but rottens eggs!?
Reply:no i dont think its wierd i eat some of those stuff and people get really grossed out for some reason...i'm chinese and i LOVE dried squid=]
Reply:i only read 1/4 of your list, and yes, it's weird ^_^
Reply:Well, you are what you eat....do you have 8 arms?
Reply:to each their own..... lol
Reply:Wow. It sounds weird but most of it sounds pretty good.
Reply:In all honesty, most of it sounds really good. I really enjoy bean sprout soup, Korean BBQ tofu, and ginger. Actually, I am drinking green tea right now actually..

The few things that doesn't sound good to me is the Kim Chi (I've had it before, and NO THANKS), the fish heads (it's weird for me to eat anything when I can see its face) spoiled milk and spoiled egg.. that sounds like something you could get sick on, and I don't like to eat anything rotten..

But, I'm sure there are many things you would think I eat is weird.. have a great day!
Reply:Well to be honest I wouldn't eat about 85% of the things you named but I don't think it's weird, I just think we have different taste in foods.
Reply:Just sounds East Asian to me. I'd prolly skip over the rotten egg and spoiled milk (not liking cottage cheese). Oh, and the octopus; too rubbery! I was raised Southern on frog leggs, pig brains, and alligator sausage so I can't really tell anyone how gross their food is. I had a coworker from Burma and her food always smelled cajun to me. She told me I was a weird American. I tend to get that alot.
Reply:no rotten anything for me, no eyes,no bad milk, no raw meat of any kind for me. I watch at times a show where a man travels to many places and eats many strange things. Even though I myself wouldn't. I admire him. At one time he ate these sort of rotten eggs with like a small chicken with beak and all. I wouldn't. But admire the way he is able to do these strange things without flinching.
Reply:some of it, but not all.
Reply:I think it's weird that you took the time to list all of that...
Reply:thats not so bad... if you like it it does'nt matter what any one else thinks!!

i luv the food on your list i also eat lots of sticky rice with mango, and botan rice candy...and other stuff too...but im asian!!

i kinda have to admit rotten eggs R kinda gross! but if u like it!!
Reply:Looks like a lot of stuff my parents been feeding me...lol

Any idiots who are repulsed by this are just ignorant of people's culture.
Reply:It should not matter what we think, as long as you like what you eat.

I like some of them myself and some of them I have never heard of.
Reply:Yummy! :^ )
Reply:To make an intentional pun , de gustibus nihil disputandem (Latin: don't queston differerent folks' tastes). Or, in plain English, different strokes for different folks. Enjoy.
Reply:Not weird at all its just different from what we normally eat in America. In Mexico people eat weird stuff too.
Reply:Good for you.... you are one healthy person... I wouldn't be able to stomach half the stuff on your list...
Reply:Yea some of it's a little weird.
Reply:I cant even read ur list its making me feel sick.
Reply:I like some of the stuff you eat like, Shrimp snacks, Tempura, Curry Noodles, Tea, Rice Noodles and Salmon but I don't think I would like Fish heads and skin.
Reply:Thats interesting....I hope you eat pickles
Reply:Its not weird just interesting
Reply:The only thing I found was Pickled Plums, never Had them but everything else O.K.!!!!
Reply:You talk in circles -

besides, why do you need to know what other people think of your eats?

You haven't cared until now...with all respect of course.
Reply:just a little weird but I woud eat it, plus I do eat raw eggs and they are good, so is squid and sea food!
Reply:Do you think it's weird? It sounds to me like you feel weird and are uncomfortable and angry about it. You want us to prove you wrong, or else let you feel vindicated by our ignorance.

Pick your battles. Your food sounds healthy and fine.
Reply:you're lying. Yuen is not a Japanese name

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