Saturday, November 14, 2009

What is The Name Of This Orchid?

My sister showed me an orchid she has in flower at the moment. It is Yellow and a dark plum color but what sets it apart from any i've seen before is that it smells like CHOCOLATE! Not a little bit but really strong. I dont Need to Know the Botanical name, It's common name will be great Thanks

What is The Name Of This Orchid?
Without a picture of your sister's orchid, it is hard to give you a positive identification. If you type "orchid smells like chocolate" (include the quotation marks) in the Yahoo search box, you will get 14 results. Most of the sites have pictures and descriptions of orchids that smell like chocolate. Some are fairly common species. I'm sure that if you do the same search, you will quickly find the exact information you are after.

Good luck with your orchids.
Reply:Hi, The orchid your sister has is The "SHARRY BABY" and also "SHERRY BABY"......and at times instead of the yellow and dark plum you see in the orchid ...could you call it cream and brownish??...that is what I call it ...but I is the same im sure of that! is a cool one ...thanks for the question!!

Reply:Sounds like an orchid called "Sharry Baby" They come in white and plum and yellow and plum and are supposed to smell like chocolate.

ETA: Here's a site that has a picture of one. Enlarge the pic and see if it looks like your sister's orchid.


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