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I have a wedding coming up and i need help with flowers!?

I have a wedding coming up in July and my colors are Cream, Plum and Hunter Green! I'm having a hard time with flowers do i stick with roses? Do they have plum and cream roses? Any ideas pics or links to good websites would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!

I have a wedding coming up and i need help with flowers!?
There are beautifu lcream colored roses out to your florist and see what they can get it a more purple plum or reddish..what color are the dresses. Lizzianthus is also great in's caled the poor mans rose and comes in pink, white and get several on a stem so their a good value for the $$. Your best bet is to go into the florist and talk to them and see picts of actual flowers.
Reply:I don't know your budget, but I love your colours. Those are the ones I have chosen for my entire house. What I would do is : for all arrangements, have the florist use cream coloured/plum coloured ribbon, hunter green foliage, and a flower which will add contrast, thus giving some depth to the colour scheme .....
Reply:Roses come in almost all colors, tho the cream colored ones will be more yellowish.

Here's someone with roses
Reply:you really don't have to use roses for my son's up coming wedding (next month) i have done all their flowers in carnations and other flowers...i have made all the flowers for the wedding might check out a floral outlet store or check at your local florist..(my son's and his bride to be are using light pink hot pink and silver) very pretty!!! Good luck and i hope i helped you! oh!! i got all my flowers for the wedding at wal-mart
Reply:call a florist
Reply:call the best florist in your city and they will give you the kind of flowers and the prices?
Reply:Ask your florist to use coffee bean in the bouquet. Trust me this looks GREAT. Also you can try chocolate roses but these look more Fall-ish.

Orchids have the colors in your wedding. They are expensive, but you can work one into the middle of your bouquet.

The knot has information and pictures of flowers.

I love your color. Gerber Daisy has cream color too.
Reply:Let's ask a more important question....

Does the carpet match the drapes?? The groomsmen want to know.


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