Saturday, November 14, 2009

How can I get red of squirrels, I am totally overrun by them?

They are not only eating the apples which I really don’t care about, the raccoons help with that, but they eat the few peaches I got this year, they are in to the plums, the raspberries and now the little beasties are running off with my tomatoes and they don’t even care weather they are red or green,

The little monsters dig up the ruts in all my flower pots. I sprayed hot pepper, black pepper and garlic on all my pots. Oh my, did it ever smell out there! The garlic helps a couple of days than they are back for more.

After all that they are so thankful, you need an umbrella to venture under any tree!

How can I get red of squirrels, I am totally overrun by them?
Squirrels can not stand Cheyenne pepper, sprinkle the pepper on or around plants /trees it will not harm the plants but keep away the pesky squirrels:) My dads neighbor has about a 4-5 ft tall aluminum sheet wrapped around and nailed to the bottom of his trees so they can't climb up the
Reply:Buy a big hungry cat and turn him loose!!
Reply:Shoot them and have squirrel dumplings I am from california and I had some when I was in Arkansas and they so good.....taste like chicken
Reply:Rat poison works just as good on squirrels as it does on rats

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