Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why do the leaves on my orange tree curl?

I live in Manteca, CA (heart of cali, and center of Calif. Farming Dist.) I just bought a brand new home in Dec. I planted some fruit trees about 1 month ago. The other trees are doing fine (Cherry, Plum, Apple) My orange tree was fine until i transplanted from the pot to the soil. I have used good fertilizer and followed all directions. The leaves are curling, but still green. The fruit are not producing anymore, although, in the past 3 days, i have seen regrowth of flowers. I can't see why the leaves are curling though. The tree looks "depressed" what can i do?

Why do the leaves on my orange tree curl?
Usually during a transplant the tree goes through a shock and will temporarily loose leaves or even look a bit sick. They will probably not produce fruit for the season in which it was transplanted. (It is said that fruit should be removed the first year of planting, so as not to drag nourishment from the tree in this critical time)

use a good fertilizer and make sure it is staying watered. I mulched around my fruit trees to hold in the moisture, but be careful not to overwater or overfertilize, that could also be the cause of yellowing leaves. Being directly in the harsh sun all day could have that effect too.
Reply:too much fertilizer?

Peach leaf curl, a fungus

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