Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do you need to pollinate tomato plants to get fruit?

Have bought a two plants of different varieties (one a mini plum, one "normal") that are now sitting on my window sill and doing very nicely. The little one is starting to flower and I was wondering do I need to do anything to ensure fruit - the feeding bit I get and understand but how do I get fruit unless I pollinate?

Do you need to pollinate tomato plants to get fruit?
Yes, the plant will produce more fruit with a little help,when they start to flower, tap the cane, or string, whatever you have supporting the plants, this will shake up the pollen, go and wash your hands , and see how yellow the water is. When you have minute fruit on the bottom truss, start to feed. I give mine a spoonfull of sulhate of potash each week.
Reply:Nature takes care of it. If the tomato plant has flowers, that's a good sign tomatoes will form. Here's hoping one plant's male and the other's female. I grew 3 tomato plants long ago and they didn't produce squat. A botanist friend said I must have had incredible luck to get all three the same sex.
Reply:Yes of course you do! Unless your house is full of pollinating inscts... Use a small paintbrush and pollinate away!
Reply:Not normally no.The different varieties will not pollinate each other.If there are no flies or bees around to help pollinate the tomato plant flowers a spray of clear water will help( a hand sprayer on the blossoms) Generally speaking I have not found it necessary to do anything,Are the windows open at all to allow insects to enter?I have grown tomatoes in greenhouses and conservatories but never indoors.I would not have thought that tomatoes were an indoor plant.However the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say, so good luck.
Reply:No. Just feed every week from now on. Happy Days!!
Reply:thiers no need to polinate a tomato to get fruit,its the seed to be used to reproduce
Reply:It's best to mist theplants and tap the supports occasionally to aid pollonation and fruit set. Don't forget that when plants have reached the top of the greenhouse or have about 7 trusses to remove the tip about 2 leaves down to help the fruit produce better, else the plant uses all its energy on going upwards instead of making bigger tomatoes.
Reply:Nope! Just plant them and let them get on with it - lots of water when full grown - a LITRE per plant per day at least
Reply:no - just spray with trepid water if you can this will help the plant and pollination. when the flowers are open tap the plant lightly this is all that is necessary to pollinate.

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