Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do ornamental plums/cherries produce any fruit at all?

They are created by plant breeders to bloom beautifully in the spring, but I understand they don't produce fruit. So the flowers just shrivel up and that's it? Not even little, tiny fruit? That seems weird to me. If anyone has these trees, what have you seen?

Do ornamental plums/cherries produce any fruit at all?
They all produce fruit but it is either very small, or aborted before getting big enough to see. Even if the fruit were larger, it would be inedible.
Reply:No you will never receive edible fruits from ornamental trees.
Reply:Pretty blooms and lots of mess but I dearly love them anyway because they are the first of spring. :-)
Reply:no they will somtimes produce a small round thing that never develops into fruit but just falls off
Reply:Not that you would want to eat. That is why they are called ornamental. They are for show, not eating of their fruits. Some may have some very small thing you could call fruit but not normally.
Reply:I have seen some very small fruit on flowering crab trees, they are not edible. Our flowering Almond is very pretty in full bloom but no fruit.

These trees are grown for their looks, not for the fruit.

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