Saturday, November 14, 2009

Silk flower bouquets, HELP!?

I am doing my own flower bouquet arrangements with silk flowers for my wedding. I have white and different color lilac silk flowers. Our colors are lilac and silver. I have an example I would like for the girls:

I would like mine to look more like this:


My question is should I have more lilac color in mine and the girls have more white in there bouquets? For us having lilac and silver should I also go with different color lilac, plum and purples in the bouquets or just use lilac?

Thanks in advance.

Silk flower bouquets, HELP!?
Girl, Theyre both soooo beautiful....Dont Stress out so much..My wedding..I had a lay down bouquet and my girls had holding the ones in your link I saw...Mine had deep purple and black silk roses and my girls had deep purple and black silk roses two each and other pretty flowers in purple and black and lavendar...I think that silver and lilac are awesome colors..You just use both boquets...They re awesome and they match....Use the silver and lilac for yours maybe add aliittle white....and your girls just use lilac and silver and make them a smaller bouquet..Thats what my two friends that got married almost three weeks ago used..she had a huge bouquet and just added white , lavendar, and medium purple color..where us girls had white and lavendar..and less than the brides..So you do pick awesome flowers...You already have..Just do it...Itll look awesome no matter how you do it..Just make sure you have a bigger bouquet w/ more lilac , silver , a mixture of white and plum or other purples maybe..Whatever you can afford...I m so exited for both you and your hubby to be...Me and my husbands eleventh year Wedding Anniversary is on friday NOV Well be thinking of you...cuz youre joining the marriage clan...soon..God Bless you and Ill pray you dont stress too much beetween now and your beautiful wedding that were Rootin for..Just kick back and Relax..and Enjoy...for this will be the memory for a lifetime....;))
Reply:It doesnt matter who has more color.. just make sure yours is a little bit different than the rest. (Mine was just Bigger than the others, and had more detail!!)
Reply:I find that having an assortment of colors in a bouquet gives it character and is more natural. Flowers in nature aren't always uniform in color.

The bouquet I like best for the bride is the one with the most purple in it. I assume the bridesmaids are wearing lilac dresses, so the bouquet with the most white would look best for them. It's a nice contrast
Reply:My friend had her wedding with the same colors, they used silk flowers as well. They had white, the lilac purple and a darker purple for the flower colors, and the main color of the wedding was the lilac purple. I think if the girls are wearing purple you should have a little more white in their flowers, and more purple in yours since I am assuming you are wearing a white dress, this will help compliment the dresses rather than the flowers seeming like they are blending in to them too much. It's also always a nice touch to through a different shade of your main color in the flowers just to make the flowers "pop" a little more.
Reply:what i'm doing is im having a cascading bouquet with red and white roses...

the girls will be having a white bouquet with one red rose in the middle..

hope this helps! :) it all depends on how your comfortable doing it but this is just how I did mine.

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