Saturday, November 14, 2009

What are your favorite flower fragrances?

I love the smells of so many flowers, it's hard to narrow it down! :) But if I had to pick just a few, here are my favorites -- in alphabetical order, since I can't decide which is #1...

Carnation, citrus blossoms, four o'clock, freesia, honeysuckle, osmanthus (a.k.a. "sweet olive"), peach/plum blossoms, rose, sweetpea and violet.

What are YOUR faves? :)

What are your favorite flower fragrances?
Easter Lily (called, I think, Resurrection Lily); Red Peony; Citrus (Orange and Lemon); Star Jasmine; Honeysuckle; Purple Lilacs; Red Lilacs; Carnation; Carnation Pinks (smell like cloves); Apricot colored Roses; Yellow Freesia; Dark Red Roses; Sweet Pea...lots more that I can't think of right now. But what a great question!

Enjoyed this question very much. It was like taking a short walk down a garden path right after a summer rain when everything smells nice. Like a greenhouse.
Reply:Angle trumpet, Gardenias, Magnolias, citrus, roses
Reply:Freesia is heavenly, also varieties of yellow roses, and the lavender-colored "Sterling Silver" roses.
Reply:In my opinion - gardenias, hands down! They absolutely smell good enough to eat.
Reply:rose,lavender,lily of the valley,jasmine
Reply:Try " Mysore Mallige ".

It has a universal liking.

The fragrance is longer.

The colour is crystal white.

The garlands made is lovely.

It will last longer than others.
Reply:Gardenia, Hyacinth, Roses - especially Don Juan and Fair Bianca, but most all roses.
Reply:i love lilac, rose and honeysuckle
Reply:citrus, plumeria, gardenia, rose,freesia, four oclocks, jasmine
Reply:Jasmine, rose..
Reply:lilac, old rose and gardinia
Reply:Plumeria, geranium, tomato (not a flower, but smells so good!)
Reply:I love the scent of carnations! Also jasmine, orange blossoms, some roses, honeysuckle, and gardenias... I LOVE gardenias.
Reply:Don't have a particular favourite, I'm just constantly pleasantly surprised by the different fragrances of some plants and shrubs as I pass them.
Reply:To me, it would be gardenias by a long shot.
Reply:peach/plum blossoms
Reply:.Purple lilacs, and purple hyacinths
Reply:I know what you mean, I havn't smelt anything like a white rose until I bought a jasmine plant and those fragrences are to me the same, love em both.
Reply:Roses, honeysickle, petunia, gardenia,

any fragrant flowers
Reply:Lily of the valley, lavendar and roses.
Reply:Daphne, Phlox, Casablanca Lilies,Orienpet Lilies
Reply:Lilac and Honeysuckle
Reply:Above and beyond, the rose. Mr. Lincoln or Double Delight in particular. Any of the Gamble winners.
Reply:lily of the valley, pansies, roses, lilacs, gardenias

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