Monday, May 11, 2009

Will newly planted trees and flowers survive freeze?

We were just hit witha four day Easter freeze after an early, warm spring that prmopted everyone to plant. I am wondering if the flowering apple, plum and cherry trees along with flowring almond bushes, tulips in bloom, azaleas, viburnum, crepe myrtles and my freshly bloomed japanese maple, will rebloom and come back for this season?

Will newly planted trees and flowers survive freeze?
I do believe they will survive this lousy late winter blast we are having. Snow is an insulator, if it was just freezing winds and cold I would worry. If you are worried about the azalea, crepe myrtles I would go ahead and get some mulch on them. The tulips if they have not opened will with stand the cold. I myself picked all my daffodils and hyacinths that bloomed and brought them inside to enjoy. Happy growing.
Reply:you have to get something to insulate them like hay and keep the roots from freezing. make sure you use alot on the trees especially the Japanese maple

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