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I am looking for a tree?

I am looking for two small-medium size trees for my backyard. I would like something that is not too big in height (possibly around 20' tall, and 10' wide at most). I was considering Flowering Plum trees, but am told they are messy. This is a south facing yard, and they will be in full sun. Any good trees I should consider?

I am looking for a tree?
Any tree that blooms is messy for a week or so when the blossoms fall. Flowering plums do sometimes have fruit, but they are small and soon disappear. Other suggestions might be redbud, or whitebud, same tree, different color blooms: Magnolia soulangeana; stellar magnolia; Flowering crab (Prariefire is great); Washington Hawthorn or one of the other hawthorns; smoke tree; Japanese maple, one that has wide leaves, there are some absolutely gorgeous varieties; if you are far enough south, crape myrtle trees (don't try to grow these north of zone 6, you will just have bushes). I think perhaps 10' wide is being a little unrealistic, I don't think you are going to find anything that narrow unless you go with one of the junipers that are tall and very skinny.

Dogwoods don't like sun, they are an understory tree that needs shade from about 11am-3pm.
Reply:Try either a flowering Crabapple, or a white dogwood... They grow fairly slowly- so pick a size you can live with for awhile until they finally fill that space.
Reply:When I lived further north I just loved Red Bud trees and Dogwoods both white and pink. Both are lovely and bloom without quite the mess of the one you mentioned. Red Buds tend to get wide but dogwoods can be trimmed and kept pretty much like you want them but are shorter. You can also consider a big bush like mockorange.
Reply:You can plant a prunus cistena, a purple leaf plum, tree form. They can be purchased in shrub form too. They are not messy at all, they are ornamental and do not produce fruit except on rare ocassion and then it would be few. They are prone to winter scald so you would want to tree wrap the trunk if you live in a cold climate. Another choice you may want to try is an Amur Maple," tree form" also, they too, can be grown in shrub form. I would probably be more likely to go with the Amur Maple, for a small tree. It is hardy and a very sturdy little tree.
Reply:see lf you can find a greenhouse and look around in there and see lf you can find one.. they probably do
Reply:dogwood or redbud
Reply:It always helps to know where you're writing from...

Assuming you're still looking for flowering trees, consider Styrax japonica or Cercis canadensis. Do a google images search on those ones.

Also, there are sterile plum %26amp; cherry trees available that bear no fruit, but trees in the apple family like those ones tend to be prone to many diseases.
Reply:Small trees are considered to grow at a heigth of 20-30 feet.

Medium sized trees grow to a heigth pg 30 to 40 feet.

Medium to small sized trees will gain a heigth of 25- 30 feet in heigth.

It is important to know what part of the United States these trees will be planted in.

It would be all be a matter of what you tolerate as far as a messy tree. One person may think a certain tree is messy while others think it is not. No tree is really considered messy, if it is planted in the right location.

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