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What would be a good accent color for Plum?

Originally our wedding was going to be in December, so we chose Plum as one of our colors. Now the wedding is in august. My dress is light gold (a maggie sottero version of darker ivory) and my maids dresses are plum. What would be a good accent color for our flowers?

What would be a good accent color for Plum?
Your wedding florist should have some great examples for you to go by. Plum, deep purples, and burgundy are hot trends right now. If you would like some accent colors here are what other brides are choosing now:

1. Plum, deep purples, golden colors, and yellow-oranges (purple and orange are complimentary). Calla lilies show off very beautiful colors or plum, purples, orange, gold, and yellow-orange. Of course roses are a great pick. The newest flower selection is dark purple carnations (a very-inexpensive choice). Carnations are actually coming back as a more elegant flower. They aren't considered "cheap" anymore.

2. I don't know how many bridesmaids you have, but how about each of the bridesmaids carry down a different color, or different mix of colors. One could carry down Gold and orange, the other just plum and purples, the other orange and plum, and so on.

3. Staying with just plum, purples, lavender, and light lavender looks lovely also. Again, you can swith up the bridesmaids to have just one of those colors, and then you can carry all of those flowers. Add an extra special touch with stephanotis with purple crystals. Check out

4. Plum can look good with blue if you add some red tones in there. Plum and blue only would not give the wow factor. August is fall, I would recommend the other suggestions above to stick with the season if you are worried about that. It's your wedding though, pick whatever flowers you like. It only happens once (or it should).

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Reply:I would say "blue violet" would accent plum very well. Of course my favorite color is anything in the purple family suits me just fine. :) Hope this helps.

Good luck..and God Bless.
Reply:Ivory and Pale Pink
Reply:Orange in little amounts. Something citrus would definitely accent the plum and also the light gold of your outfit.
Reply:Cream or ivory are nice, subtle accents. With splashes of orange for little sparks of color.
Reply:if you are pairing plum and gold... ... well sage i think would be the bast. you do not want too much of the yellows and golds, because then YOU would fade into the background. not good! go with soft greens, and maybe some off white or light cream. very soft colors. you want to shine, not be overwhelmed by all of the color around you.
Reply:maybe a light purple color. plum is purple, right? you could use periwinkle.
Reply:How about mauve? I think that would look great with plum.
Reply:yellow or various shades...yellow and purple are complementary colors

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