Monday, May 11, 2009

I want to use dark purple(plum or eggplant) coloured bridesmaid dresses...what flowers would work?

Preferably not pink! I want to go for a dramatic look because I have a tradtional ball gown for a dress. Please help!! Any colour scheme ideas would be great!!

I want to use dark purple(plum or eggplant) coloured bridesmaid dresses...what flowers would work?
What about something like these calla lilies? They are very dramatic...and beautiful!

You could also try going for a nice deep red. That would look beautiful with a plum shade dress.

You could always do something with multi-colors. It would make it look very dramatic as well...

Here are some other nice ones that I found as well...
Reply:White lilies. Lots of greenery. The green and the white will look great against the purple.
Reply:Lillies are pretty and clean, if you want to go could add some mums.
Reply:This would look totally awesome - very dramatic -

The bridesmaids could just have a smaller version of yours.

Or go with lavender -
Reply:I would sit down at the bookstore (don't buy the books but just look at all of the wedding ones and the gardening flower arrantment section. martha stewart has the best wedding book (oh course)! I think these flower would look good:

Stephanotis,purple cream calla lillies ,even Bulk Blackish Purple Carnations, mixed with light pink roses
Reply:My friend did purple liliacs. light green hydrengas, white roses...--GORGEOUS! I was in the wedding %26amp; wore a plum dress...:)
Reply:Perhaps the bridesmaids' bouquets in a white/ivory/cream colored flowers, like roses or calla lillies, with the stems wrapped in dark purple ribbon with pearls. then the bridal bouquet can be the cream colored flowers, highlighted by those really dark calla lillies, i think they are technically an ultra dark wine/red color but they look like a really rich dark purple, almost black. you can do the same alternated trend with the guys if you like. for example, have the groomsmen wear ties that match bridesmaid dresses with a single white calla lilly boutineer, and the groom in an ivoryish tie and a boutineer of a single dark calla lily (or reversed).

you could also throw in some gold as an accent
Reply:What about orange flowers? That would really pop off the dark.
Reply:It would be pretty to just do different shades of purple, like this bouquet:

If you want something brighter go for orange in it, like birds of paradise! That would be dramatic and very pretty.
Reply:My girls dresses are eggplant and they are going to carry Picasso Calla lillies, which are cream colored with deep purple centers, and ivory roses. My bouquet will be the colorful one with different shades of purple, mauve, and some very deep red as an accent. I think it is going to look great and it is something different from what I have seen lately where the brides bouquet is cream and the bridesmaids bouquets are really colorful.
Reply:for a dramatic look, I think a one-color bouquet would look nice. I think cream colored flowers would be the most elegant. or for a modern look, maybe light blue or light green (like hydrangeas). wrap the stems in dark purple ribbon.
Reply:I think light pinks would be nice
Reply:Cream or champagne would be very elegant looking with the plum. Since you don't like pink, what about a deep mauve incorporated with the cream, or deep purple status for the dramatic contrast.

It would also depend when you are getting married. I would go with seasonal flowers to stay within your budget.
Reply:I did a wedding last August where the b'maid dresses were a dark purple and we used purples, reds, %26amp; yellows in their bouquets. It was very pretty! Yellow by itself is a good choice too, b/c it is on the exact opposite side of the color wheel from purple. Therefore, it is the perfect contrasting color. Be careful not to use too dark a bouquet choice, though or they will not be seen well against the dark dresses.

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