Monday, May 11, 2009

Can I plant the seed from the fruit tree ?

New at this planting thing. I love our flowering plum tree. Last year I noticed that it has a fruit size of a grape...I didn't eat it but I did want to plant it. Can I plant the fruit? Or should I dig up the seed from it and plant it? Just wondering. Thanks.

Can I plant the seed from the fruit tree ?
Yes. Clean the seed off and plant it. May help to "statify" by planting it in a small pot of moist soil and keeping it in the fridge for a month or so. Usually Flowering Plums germinate well. But no telling what the tree or flowers will look like. Such trees are highly hybridized. But you will get a tree of some kind, and it will bloom, maybe after a couple years of growing.

DO IT! And plant lots of other seeds you get in your food. Its fun.
Reply:Sure you can plant the seeds. But, fruit seeds don't always come up matching the parent. If you just enjoy the flowers, then there's no problem!

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