Monday, May 11, 2009

My plum trees don't flower. Any suggestions?

I planted 2 bare rooted plum trees early last year. At the same time I planted 3 apple trees. Apple trees blossomed last year and this spring but plums have never flowered although they appear healthy and vigorous.Varieties are Victoria and Mirabelle de Nancy I think. They were all about 6 ft when planted.

My plum trees don't flower. Any suggestions?
it's only been a year, so no surprise. Bare root tree will take about 2 years to establish in garden. Even then they might take another couple years to flower and set fruits, depend on how old the trees are when they're planted.

Even if it should flower right on the first year (like your apples), you still want to cut off all the flowers so that the tree invest their energy into their root and leaves first couple years. So that they grow stronger and you'll have a much better harvest later on. ALWAYS be patient the first few year with bare-root fruit trees, they'll reward you for that later

So I wouldn't worry now, give them time, they'll flower next year or so.

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