Monday, May 11, 2009

What color should I have for my flowers??

My wedding is in February. My bridemaids will be wearing a plum color. I thought about putting plum flowers with white flowers but I dont know if it's going to be to much of the plum color.So if anyone has a idea or ideas please let me know of what color should I use. Oh and another thing what kinda flowers should I use. Thanks alot ~Amy~

What color should I have for my flowers??
plum color mixed in with lightish violet and white would be beautiful! :) and it totally wouldnt over do the plum then cause the other values would balance it out
Reply:rather than trying to work plum into your bqts (it is a hard color) try to compliment your dresses with your bqts. something with sweet peas, champagne sweetheart roses, purple lissianthus, lavender roses, and white freesia would be what I would do for such a color
Reply:Please consult a good florist. They have the colour pictures of many arrangements and they know the availability and the prices of different flowers in February. Good luck!
Reply:That sounds great! My wedding is in February... what is your date? My colors are brown and pink. Anyways... I think if you did primarily white with just a touch of the plum color it would be beautiful. Congrats!
Reply:Try calla lillies mixed with purple and white stargazer lillies.
Reply:Congratulations on getting married!

White flowers i think would be best. They go with everything.
Reply:Go with a white and a light pink good luck and congrats
Reply:cream, white, with a hint oh soft blue..or if u are more girly go with white and pink..but i would say stick to the color of ure wedding theme
Reply:Wild flowers are a wonderful choice. This way you can have a little bit of plum and some other colors to neutralize such a bold color. Plus the price will be much more manageable.

Good Luck!
Reply:u r so pretty that i dont think any 1 will see the flowers
Reply:i don't know if this will help but i had my wedding this summer and I did a variety of gerber daisies (pink and yellow), purple orchids, iris, roses (white, pink, and yellow). I think doing a variety of colors looks best. Also maybe this will help, we got my flowers from Sams Club. They were fresh flowers and we made our bouquets and arrangements ourselves and they turned out great. We had loads of flowers and it only cost us $150. Hope this helps.
Reply:I think white would go very nice with the plum. Get like white roses or gardenias. They have a whole variety ofg types of roses that would look very nice in boquets and things like that. I included the link for you too like at for yourself and congratulations!
Reply:maybe some white carntions and plum carntions would look pretty
Reply:Plum is a very popular winter color. Colors depends on what type of flowers you want to use and style of bouquets. For a mix... I would recommend shades of plums, purples, lavenders and some white. You don't want to go all white, in the pictures the flowers in the bouquets will all blend together. Shades of lavender, purples, plums and whites will show texture and the different flowers in the pics. For the bridal bouquet you can go mostly white, which is usually tradition but I always suggest a little color for the pictures. After everything is long over with ... all you have are memories and pictures... Good Luck
Reply:you should use purple lillies and white

roses for your flowers amy

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