Monday, May 11, 2009

Why doesn't my blossom tree blossom?

I have a flowering plum tree in my front yard. We bought it just before Spring over 2 years ago. (so this will be it's third spring coming up). The first year we figured - maybe it was dormant because of the replanting - the second year - we forgave it because it produced 2, yes two, little tiny pink blossoms - this year - still no sign of anything. it is growing fine and tall, but no blossoms - could it be lack of water? any ideas

Why doesn't my blossom tree blossom?
There are many reasons.

As was mentioned,lack of light,but that's easy to see.

Could also be soil conditions.

Some root feeder may help as well.

Did you cut the rootball to let the roots expand?

Could be insects.Do you use a dormant spray at the right time?

Weather.Did your area have a warmup during the budding

this spring and then a coldsnap?

That might have killed the buds at their most tender time.

Is the tree suitable for your zone?

As was also mentioned before,correct pruning is crucial.

Look up the name of your particular tree species and do a search on it for specific requirements or go back to the nursery where you bought the tree.
Reply:It is only 2 years old ! Be patient, avoid pruning, allow the BABY to mature.
Reply:well it will only blossom if you have cross-pollination. some [in fact most] blossom plants need to pollinate with a plant with different genetic makeup. so either plant another plant [the exact same kind] near it or maybe even persuade a neighbor to get one. then when that plant reaches maturity you should get nice blooms and maybe if your lucky.....fruit!

hope this helps!!
Reply:More likely, lack of light...although you say it's growing straight and tall...when do you prune it?...If y'all are pruning in the fall you are pruning off all the flowering wood...and while flowering plum does benifit from a yearly or at least a bi-yearly, "haircut" this is best done in the spring...right after the shrub flowers...try leaving it alone this year...I'll bet that next spring y'all will have lots of little white flowers...
Reply:i could be anything! i have an azalea that does the same thing! some years it blooms while others it doesn't do anything but grow new leaves! try this... as soon as u see it break dormancy next year give a shot of "bloom booster!" (a high second number fertilizer) ur not doing anything wrong. good luck
Reply:Maybe because just one tree doesn't get cross-pollination. Add another tree nearby, you'll get some fruit, too!

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