Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How do you root a tree cutting from a Plum Tree?

Hi, I have a plum tree that is finally flowering this year. The other day I came home and found a small branch that had partially cracked off. I removed it and put it in a glass of water for the moment. How can I take this cutting and root it to grow another tree?

How do you root a tree cutting from a Plum Tree?
I would treat it as any other cutting by putting it in a glass container with very wet planting soil and keeping that very damp until rootlets beging to appear at the edges of the container, something tapered that will allow the new plant to be easily removed.

There are many compounds available at home %26amp; garden stores to assist or expedite rooting.

Warning: It is illegal to to this with many varieties of ornamental plants because they are copyrighted and reproduction without a license is a violation of federal law.

That said, enjoy your new tree.
Reply:You take a few soft wood cutting remove all the leaves scrape the bark off carefully to the green wood dip in root tone and stick them in a pot keep in moist soil until they grow.

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