Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flowering plum tree?

I had a flowering plum tree professionaly planted 2 summers ago. The first spring there were no flowers on it at all. This is now the second spring and it has only a few flowers (5)so far. All the other plums in the neighborhood are now in full bloom. There also seems to be alot of die back on the tree. What's wrong and what can I do about this?

Flowering plum tree?
When you first plant a tree or anything for that matter, make sure it gets plenty of water for the first few weeks You might ask a neighbor who has a tree like yours about what is wrong with it. They may be able to help. Too, it might have insects in it or have a disease of some kind. You really should ask some one at a garden nursery.
Reply:When a tree is first planted it works on establishing roots first. It may not even grow very much for the 1st year. Depending on the varaity it may not produce good growth for 3 yrs. Believe it or not when a ornamental tree is planted it may be growing so well that it skips the flowering period. The stress the tree is under will also dertermine how well it produces. It's hard to say what is happening to your tree without knowing what size it was when planted, where it is planted and what the condintions have been. A tree may grow very well in one spot but not if you move it over 10 feet in the other direction (more or less sun, water drainage). The winter will also effect it. When is it getting sun, morning, evening, all day and how much? Something like a newport plum needs at least 4 hrs of sun a day. Preferable afternoon sun.

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