Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How can I get rid of Catapillars in my flowering plum tree?

I noticed eaten leaves and leaves on the ground.Is there a product to get rid of these catapillars before they destroy my tree?

How can I get rid of Catapillars in my flowering plum tree?
Forget the other three The idea of stalking caterpillars in the darkness of nite, poking holes into their nest, just isn't practical. Your identification of a "flowering plum" indicates that it is just an ornamental variety and not for use as a fruit. You can remedy the problem in broad daylight with a product call "Orthene" made by Ortho. It is a systemic insecticide and when sprayed on the foliage will enter the cell structure and protect it for 3 - 5 weeks. You can purchase this product at most garden centers like Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes. It gives immediate control as well as long lasting control on trees and shrubs. Follow the mixing directions on the label and any pertinent application info you need to know about. This product is rather smelly (like rotten eggs) but is very good at controlling many insect pests in the landscape. After applying this to the nest, which should be done in the morning hrs as the caterpillars will be outside on the nest warming themselves from the sun, they will be dead by the end of the day.. Hope this answers your question..

... Billy Ray
Reply:Thanx, glad I could help!

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Reply:Forget the other two answers, except, yes you should have sprayed earlier. I do not know how many trees you are dealing with, thus, the problem.

If you are dealing with one tree wait until night fall (I mean sun completely down!). Fill a bottle with powder. It will be 5%baby powder and 50%Sevin. Buy the Sevin in the Hardware and the Baby Powder wherever. Get a sprinkler bottle and a #1 str scredriver. At the top of the nest poke a hole (one time and lightly) with the scredriver. Put the Sprayer on full and spray.

Do not remove the nest. Spray it with the remaining spray. You probably used 50% in it so use the remainder.

Shake it really well because of the Baby Powder. Spray the outside just as well. Pour any contents over the nest.
Reply:You are actually too late for this season. Fruit trees are supposed to be sprayed in late fall, and then again in early spring, to make sure they all stages of egg and caterpillar growth.

The method of killing fully grown caterpillars are different for the different species. Maybe if you went to your local nursery and explained your problem, they could suggest a poison that will work on the type of caterpillar you have.
Reply:Dish soap in water, and spray the tree. If the tree is too tall to reach with a conventional sprayer, then you might could try the same solution in a sprayer that attaches to a hose.


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