Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How can you keep japaneese beetles out of my flowering plum tree?

I have no idea what the h... that previous answer was. Your problem is not so much with the tree as it is with your property.

This is going to be both cheap and effective for you. You need a hose end applicator that can be set for per gallon applications. You will need to purchase a small container of Pure Ivory Soap Liquid Detergent. I assume you have a garden hose that can get you to within five foot of the tree on either side of the tree (if not get another length of hose). While getting the extra hose, the hose end applicator get a pure solution of Sevin. Check the label carefully to make sure it is Sevin (trademark).

I personally abhor chemicals, however, what is needed is needed. About dusk spread your hose and apply an application of 1tblsp of Ivory per gallon to the tree. Spray both the under and topside of the leaves along with the limbs and trunk. Two days later attack with the manuf recs of the Sevin.

This is a relatively safe compound (found in most flea collars for animals), however, wear latex gloves and rubber boots. Spray again top, underside, limbs, trunk, but this time you need to spray the ground from the trunk to either eight or ten foot from the base. This insect is ground based and you need to kill the source versus the results.

In early september, when the temps are low and steady, apply the Ivory Soap again to the tree alone. Next year, on Memorial Day or the Weekend after, apply the Sevin again to both the tree and ground.

Both solutions can be used to combat this pest on the tree, turf, and your shrubs. I would use the Sevin spray, when I use it on my entire turf, trees, and shrubs. This compound will combat many insects that hurt our plants, pets, and children. Just make sure that the pets and children are clear of the area during spray and for four hours after the spray dries.

In the fall of this year, and every year hereafter, consider removing any branches, limbs, etc. that look diseased. In Nov of every year thin the tree of branches so that air can both flow through and give light to the garden below. You will also want to investigate fertilizining the tree in both spring and fall with either a spike or Granular. If you have a mulched bed around the tree go with the Granular. Good Luck.

How can you keep japaneese beetles out of my flowering plum tree?
I can't. I won't. Stop trying to blame your gardening woes on me.
Reply:Japanese Beetle Trap at Wal-Mart. $7.98 each. They work great and you don't have to mix anything up and spray.

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