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I need ideas for winter wedding please!!?

i am planning on having a winter wedding. we would like it in december (my church is beautifully decorated with christmas trees) but not sure if it will be this year or next. i need any suggestions on different things for a winter wedding (centerpieces,favors,etc.) also, a BIG problem of mine is I would like our colors to be a dark purple(plum), and i am having the hardest time finding purple flowers. i would love to have dark purple and black in my bouquet(maybe white too) what flowers are out there to use for my bouquet??

I need ideas for winter wedding please!!?
Maybe it's a little cliched, but I think it would be nice to turn the wedding scene into a winter wonderland. Have the flower girl toss snowflake confetti instead of flowers. If you're in an area that has a lot of snowfall, ride away from the ceremony in a horse-drawn sleigh.

As centerpieces, it would be kind of cool to get the battery-powered snowglobes and fit them snuggly into small wreathes.

As for the flower bouquet... if you can't find the colors you want, pick up some white ones and have the pettles dipped.

There's just a few ideas for you.
Reply:I agree w/Bob... you can have the florist make them any color you want... Dk plum roses would be great ...not so sure about the black, that means death in the color of flowers... how about the DK purple and mix it w/ drk green ferns, and baby's breath, --Horse drawn carriage, muffs, etc I love Christmas sister had one too!!

Reply:My work has some nice wedding favors if interested.
Reply:Maybe try Black Magic roses or deeply colored dahlias.
Reply:have the flowers died

with dark plum you should have a color that off sets that... and a fur for around your wedding dress after the wedding would be pretty
Reply:I really wanted a winter wedding too (not happening now, due to getting either a date in Spetmeber or a two year wait...). PLum will be beautiful!

Thistles are really pretty in a wedding bouquet (and are purple), but if you are wanting to be really Christmassy then I'd go for berries and lots of folliage.

I can't think of any black flowers, but I saw a bouquet once which had black feather in it and that looked stunning... maybe you could do that, and give the bridesmaids black cloack things with feather trims to keep them warm.

If you stick white carnations or roses in food dye then the petals will dye the colour of the food dye, so you could do that for your purple flowers. Or you get an ornamental cabbage flower which is quite purple. Or purple tulips (although that might be better for a table setting cause they don't really last the day) or I'm sure you get purple orchids. Or Irises. Also, African Violets are purple and mine is still flowering just now, so you could use them as table decorations....

Reply:Well from a florist's point of view, there are many dark purple flowers out there, I actually used some in my own wedding. But the black in your bouquet is very offense, but there is no such thing as black flowers....but if your insistent on black try adding some black toul with silver glitter on it as an accent...
Reply:I had a winter wedding and it was the best time to be married.. :D I had these colors and it was just,black and white. It was just beautiful. For my centerpieces were red and green m%26amp;m's, candy canes, with green and cream colored candels with different size candel holders, lil berry wreaths and it was just soo pretty..;D it didn't take no time at all to put the tables together with all those. for my people when they were leaving, they could take bubbles and candy canes. I didn't have to do much decorating b/c it was all done b/c of Christmas and let me tell you.. those are the best pics to have. i also had candles on the edges of every other pew when going down the aisle.

it was cool too with all the decorations for CHristmas, my family and friends used the Christmas tree to take some family pics. :D It was awesome times!!! LEss stress on me when we did it at this time.

for my flowers, i did red tulips and white tulips and it was pretty doing that way too. :-)

I wish you all the luck and congrats.
Reply:Orchids come in every shade -- combine them with white roses and you will have something very elegant.

Velvet is the fabric of the season.

Try soft green velvet for your attendants and winter white velvet for yourself.

have a beautiful time!

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Reply:A lot of places sell Mardi Gras themed christmas ornaments that would bring a lot of purple into decorating your wedding, and make great favors afterwards. I'm using feathers in my bouquet. I'm sure you could find peacock feathers or some other feathers with purple or black in them. Purple roses are hard to find, but they do exist. There's always fake flowers. The iris is also a flower with pretty and dramatic coloring.

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